Kevin “Corn On The” Kolb Ushering Out the McNabb Era: A Ramblings Extravaganza!

24 11 2008

by John Ryankolb

Did you really think on a huge weekend like the one that just passed that JR would wait until Tuesday for his ramblings when 1.) I just spoke about myself in the 3rd person 2.) My editor spewed out his ramblings and 3.) The Donovan McNabb Era is about to be replaced by a young “gunslinger” from Texas. I knew you didn’t think I’d wait. Away we go!

1.) Since we have several themes running through this weekend, no better place to start (and later finish) than with ERA changing. A new ERA has emerged in college football. The inevitable ERA. Inevitable as in a playoff is inevitable because there will be Texas, Texas Tech, Penn State, USC, Alabama, and Florida all with one loss in the end and Utah could be undefeated. A mess, right? You bet, and it seems the American public with its current economic meltdown is not in a messy mood right now. President elect Barack Obama has stated his intentions as well, so hopefully the ERA of inevitable is over soon and gives way to the Golden ERA.

2.) In the NFL, we are in the black and white era. As I said last week regarding politics, this is not a biased or non-objective column so don’t e-mail me the obligatory race related questions/angry response. When I say black and white, I mean we live in an NFL where your labeled as either a “gunslinger” or a “game manager.” Well, with regards to that I have a big problem. Not only is it dangerous to live in a world of such absolutes, I’m also not comfortable calling Brett Fare a “game manager” after years of John Madden over-zealously calling him a feared gun slinger from the old west who will throw down with anybody and then beat you up afterwards! Sorry, I’m just not ready for that ERA yet…….but its almost here. Favre, when throwing for under 10 yards was very effective on Sunday dismantling the Titans as Thomas Jones and his massive O-line did the heavy lifting. 10+ yards for Favre. Not so good. One bad pickoff and under 50% completion percentage. (Actually 20%) Let’s come up with a Brett Favre nickname. One that also suits about 40% of the QB’s employed in the NFL right now, or the majority. How about “gun manager,” “game slinger,” “effective thrower,” or maybe “normal.” I’m open to suggestions. Fire me an e-mail or leave a comment below.

3.) Is the ERA of long term pitcher commitments over? No, not yet but they are on life support. For mid-level guys they pretty much are, but for guys like C.C. Sabathia and Johan Santana they don’t have much to worry about. A free agency class like 2004 will never again exist when the likes of Matt Clement, and Carl Pavano received ridiculous contracts. But the have’s will still get good deals, the have some’s will get decent deals for 3 years (maybe 4 depending how much you have) and the have not’s will get a one year try out. A healthy Jon Leiber will get the same one year pact as a Mark Mulder hoping to catch on with someone. As it should be.

4.) The Norv Turner ERA is over. It should be over now, but it will no doubt be over in January when A.J. Smith stops slinging mud and becomes truthful with himself and his fan base.


A new ERA has been ushered in for Entourage. Hopefully a great new ERA. Great episode last night and next season (which will start in early summer according to HBO last night) looks to be the best season since Season 3. Looking forward to it, and now that I’ve seen previews for Big Love and Flight of The Conch rods it looks like the wait will be less painful and will go quick.




6 responses

24 11 2008

dude, why do you break down entourage on a sports blog?

24 11 2008

Kevin Kolb stinks! But so does McNabb so where does that leave us?

24 11 2008

mcnabb is way better than kolb ever would be. kolb sucks ass

25 11 2008

Dude, did you not read that Turner is coming back in 2009? Google it. He hasn’t shown that hes the best coach for the job, but he did take them to the Conference Champ. game last year only to lose to the Pats.

25 11 2008

jim, i did read that. but votes of confidence are given out in the NFL like facials are given out in pornos. he may be back, he may not but Turner has never done anything with any team, and every team hes ever coached got worse when he arrived and better when he left.

i can appreciate what he did last year, but on a very small scale. barry switzer went to an nfc championship game…..doesnt mean he was good.

thanks for checking in jim…..keep reading my posts.

16 08 2009
Lost Restaurants

I am hoping there will be a movie adaption of entourage at some point, my favourite series by far.

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