The More Things Stay The Same: JR’s Weekend Ramblings

17 11 2008

by John Ryaneva

I’ve decided to bang out a Monday ramblings again after saying I wouldn’t for two reasons:

1.) Tonight’s game moves me in no way, nor does it have significant playoff implications (fantasy is another story) and

2.) I have almost no confidence I’d get one done later in the week. Between now and Christmas expect very little from me other than the obligatory weekend thoughts. Also, I need to thank my editor for continually bringing the thunder with great pictures for my weekend ramblings. I mostly send him my stories to post rather than post them myself due to work internet restrictions. Anyways, off we go…….

1.) No changes in college football this week. Geez, why even play the games? But…..If Barack Obama’s first order as president is to gain a MUCH NEEDED playoff system for NCAA football, then he’s earned a re-election at worst from me and a new stalker at best. Let’s go for the less extreme. (Side Note: I promise I don’t vote, nor do I care, so PLEASE DO NOT leave me a political comment leaning either way because I frankly don’t care how YOU vote, either.) Bottom line: every major sport has a playoff system, even Golf and tennis. Why is this so hard for people to comprehend. And don’t tell me college football would make less money with a playoff system. There could be multiple corporate sponsors, and extra games. I also don’t want to hear the usual jargon of, “It’s all about the kids education and not adding more games.” Please. You added a 12th game two years ago. Don’t be dumb or hypocritical. Add a playoff and please us all!

2.) The Yankees are overbidding for C.C. Sabathia and my world continues to roll on. When have they NOT over bid for a star player? If Doug Melvin has a gripe with anyone it should be with his owner for not allowing him to do the same. Milwaukee’s Miller Park has become a very popular destination for the locals the last few years, and they are winning. He SHOULD have more money to spend due to profit sharing, extra revenue, and the fact that he’s probably already rich beyond any reasonable doubt anyways. Shouldn’t every owner get a blue print from Mark Cuban when they buy a team in any sport? Pour money in, give a crap and try to win at all costs and even basketball in a city like Dallas, TX will work. I think so.

3.) Is it just me or are the mid-levels of free agency so much more fun than the mega stars? Maybe it’s just me because the Phillies just won with a lot of second level guys rather than making the big leap for Manny or C.C, but it’s just fun when you get more bang for your buck. The guys that are big money guys you expect it, but the mid-level guys not so much. It’s hit or miss. It’s like when you meet a silently hot girl at a random place, and show her to your friends for the first time. At first they say things like, “she’s a nice girl!” and “what a pleasant person to be around, I mean a real live wire she is!” Next thing you know its 7-9 months into the relationship and she suddenly starts going from Eva Longoria pre-Desperate Housewives to the current Angelina Jolie. No one expected it or saw it coming, but they’re all buying in and it feels great. Doesn’t that define Greg Dobbs and Jayson Werth from the past two years? I’m already talking myself into Werth being a full time starter despite the fact that he struggles vs. lefties. In my mind he may duplicate Burrell’s numbers. He may not, but because he came here on a contract for 800K in 2007 and 1.4 mil in 2008 it’s like anything over .235/7/28 is like playing with house money. Only bad part is that now he’ll start everyday, produce less, and be on a contract more befitting for a player with better numbers and suddenly he’s over rated. But the way up is the most fun part. Tell me you wouldn’t love to see your team sign Mark Prior/Carl Pavano/Brad Penny and see them pitch injury free to their potential this year on a one year incentive laden contract. I told you.

4.) After the first tie since 2002, I feel like I woke up one morning in bed with a hot girl and a family member called distraught and said, “Oh by the way you may or may not be first cousins with the girl you took home last night!” Yikes. Anyway, here’s the playoff picture going into the stretch run of 6 games: AFC 1.) Titans 2.) Pittsburgh 3.) NY Jets 4.) Denver 5.) Indy 6.) New England. Told you I saw something in those frisky Jets. And the Ravens are too inexperienced at QB. (Quick Side Note: Does anyone else think Tim Donaghy felt vindicated last night when the refs tried their best to give SD the game? That was terrible. At first I didn’t notice, but my brother pointed it out and it became clear as day when the final was 11-10 rather than 17 or 18-10. The point spread was Pitt -5) NFC: 1.) NYG 2.) Arizona 3.) Carolina 4.) Tampa Bay 5.) Dallas 6.) Atlanta. Call me crazy but Matt Ryan looks like he can get that team to the playoffs. It would be a more surprising one year turn around then Vito Spatafore from 2003-2004, but Washington looks lost and Atlanta is well coached, can run, and can (somewhat) stop the run. And their QB looks less afraid/more confident than Campbell and he’s a rookie.

5.) The 76ers looked a lot better and Thad Young is the best player on the team. Yes, folks, better than Elton Brand. If Brand gives you 15 and 10 and stays healthy and mobile this team can be real good. Sammy D can defend the low post with Brand and between the two get 3-6 blocks per game and 20-22 rebounds per game. If they chip in 24 points collectively and get Andre Miller to play like last year than they’ll be good. Thad Young shoots well, scores well, is improving in passing/defense/rebounding and frankly looks amazing. If Iggy plays lock down D I can see a high seed and potential noise in the playoffs. Right now I view Boston as the only team CLEARLY better with no real shot to beat in a 7 game series. Any other Eastern team? Some are tough, but all can be beat when the 76ers are clicking on all cylinders. Amazing what a week can do……..

6.) SPOILER ALERT: DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT SEEN ENTOURAGE: To say the episode wasn’t good would be unfair, but the show has not progressed in 2 years. Yes, Vince went from Aqua-amazing to zero real quick, but whats changed?? Ever since the end of season 3 all he’s been doing is chasing movies and having random things go wrong. They devoted an entire SEASON on 1 central story line (Vince getting smoke jumpers) and having continual set backs. Sound familiar? It was season 4 except the movie was different. Point is, they needed to progress his character, and they haven’t. While he’s shown a bit of insecurity and humility, he kind of always was. He was never a typical self aware, random, over hyped Hollywood youngster. We’ll see what happens next week when it takes 3 years off again (just kidding). Random Side Note: Turtle name is Sal! here’s my top five possibilities for his name before it was revealed, and mind you there was no wiggle room. He was either one of these five or he had a very cultural name that was just flat out off the wall: 1.) Sal (I always believed he was a Sal, and his uncle was Sal and he said he was named after an uncle) 2.) Anthony (Tony) 3.) Greg 4.) Curtis 5.) Vince (I thought he may have not wanted people to call him that because of Vince Chase, but he could have been “Vinny” to his family). Quick ending note: Saw previews for Big Love and Flight of the Conchords for January. Couldn’t be more excited. I’m catching up on both shows now (I own them ALL on DVD) and I keep telling myself: Big Love is the best show on TV and it’s not even close. I’m serious.




2 responses

24 06 2009
mma online

Kimbo slice probably will gt beat down on the Ultimate Fighter but it will still be good to watch.

16 08 2009
Lost Tourism

So in the new series Vince is back on top, loving it so far and as alawys Ari Gold is brilliant!

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