The Best Part of the NHL: Goalies’ Masks!

14 11 2008


by Kevin Collins

Well, the NHL has been in full swing now for a little over a month and yet there seems to be a lack of hockey posts here at PCP…I wonder why?…Anyway, I decided to write about something that everyone has at least a little interest in…the goalies’ masks.  How many times have you seen a shot on TV of the goaltender and you see his mask for a split second and yell at the TV to go back because you didn’t quite get a good look.  Well, you can sleep easy now America, because I have compiled a list of my favorite masks throughout the National Hockey League.


Alex Auld: Ottawa Senators

This mask is incredibly unique.  If you can’t tell, his helmet is painted to look like Auld is wearing the actual helmet that the “Ottawa Senator” wears in the logo, complete with red-fuzzy-thing on top.  Brilliant!

curtis-mcelhinneyCurtis McElhinney: Calgary Flames

Gotta love this mask.  The skulls are intense, and the fire effect on them is fantastic.  I love it when guys can incorporate the name of the team into their masks.  This is a kick ass mask.

brian-boucher Brian Boucher: San Jose Sharks

In my humble opinion, Boucher’s masks over the years have been weak.  This one, however, is pretty cool – especially considering there is not much you can do to make teal and black look good.  Brian succeeded.

cujo Curtis Joseph: Toronto Maple Leafs

CuJo’s masks have been the same throughout his career, but with different colors to reflect the different teams.  You gotta love that CuJo puts such an intense looking CuJo on his helmet.  Its bad ass.  And now that he’s with the Maple Leafs again, the blue and white color scheme is back – making it his coolest mask.

dwayne-rolosonandydevlinnhligi Dwayne Roloson: Edmonton Oilers

I don’t have a lot to say about this one, but its really cool.  The gears are a nice throwback to the old alternate logo around 2004.  Great Mask.

giguere Jean-Sébastien Giguère: Anaheim Ducks

Much like the Sharks color scheme, its really difficult to make a Duck look like a bad ass.  Well Giguère succeeds with his half duck half cyborg helmet.  Gotta appreaciate a professional athlete that enjoys him some Sci-Fi.

luango Roberto Luongo: Vancouver Canucks

There is one and only one reason I like this mask.  It is because Luongo is the captain of the Canucks.  As you know, goalies are not permitted by NHL rule to wear the “C” on their uniform or have any on ice duties as a captain.  This being said, notice the “C” on the bottom of his mask.  Take that Gary Bettman!

a009-osgood-0805y3.JPG Chris Osgood: Detroit Redwings

Classic, plain and simple.  Now that Dominic Hasek is gone, Chris is the only goaltender in the NHL wearing the old style helmet.  Osgood was wearing this mask 57 years ago when he made his NHL debut.

stephen-valiquette Stephen Valequette: New York Rangers

I usually hate masks that have designs which have nothing to do with the city or team itself.  However, this one is the exception.  Spidey stays with the color scheme so its acceptable.  Plus you have to enjoy Lady Liberty herself donning the Rangers jersey

ty-conklinTy Conklin: Detroit Red Wings

This one may be my favorite.  Just a sweet design and color scheme.  The kicker though is the octopus on the top of the mask.  I love references to the team and city, and the octopus is the best one in the NHL.

biron Martin Biron (circa 2006): Philadelphia Flyers

I had to include this mask in the bunch because it is one of my all time favorites, and not just because its a Flyer.  The Philly skyline on one side and Rocky and the Art Museum on the other…its gorgous.  Sport and Art at their finest.

Those are my favorite current masks in the NHL.  If you know of one I missed, post a link in the comments section.  Next week I’m going to be putting up a list of the ugliest masks in hockey.  That’ll be a lot of fun, so stick around.




4 responses

14 11 2008
Michael DeLuca

Cool post. My favorite is Curtis McElhinney of the Flames.

17 11 2008
Steve C.

Nice article. you shouldn’t forget some of the originals like Gerry Cheevers of the Bruins placing stiches on the mask where the puck struck.

2 12 2008
Worst of the Worst: Ugliest NHL Goalies’ Masks « PCP Sports

[…] I promised in my last post about the coolest goalies’ masks, here is the follow up entry: The Worst. I feel like I first have to say why I think certain masks […]

30 11 2009

the Calgary one is incredibly awesome ! Btw, Valiquette’s mask has something to do with the city. Spider-man is known to live in New York and is even a symbol of the city. No sure I would’ve put Osgood in the “best” masks. Goalies are the only one who can be creative with their equipment and he ruins it all with this p-o-s. Must be very confortable…

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