Thursday’s NFL Prediction

12 11 2008

by Tom Peters

As is custom for all Thursday games, I will only pick this one and give the rest of my picks for the week later on.

New York Jets ( 6 – 3 ) v. New England Patriots ( 6 – 3 )

This matchup for first place in the AFC East will not be as close as you think. Both teams enter this game with their inconsistencies. The Patriot offense has not been very inspired, Belichick has his off nights coaching and Matt Cassel can give you some good games as long as he is not lying on his back like an ol used up porn star or Kim Cattrall.

The Jets are just as inconsistent, if not more. 47 against St. Louis, 56 against Arizona, 10 against Oakland and a drubbing against San Diego. Don’t forget their first loss at home against New England in Week 2. Old Man Favre is showing sings of his age. He needs to manage games, not try to win them, He throws a lot of touchdowns, but he also throws just as many interceptions.  The running game is starting to move and the offensive line is starting to prove its high value.

Doesn’t matter. This is the Patriots against the Jets. The Pats have won 11 of the last 12 against them. Belichick will be well prepared and ready to beat his most hated defector in Eric Fatgini. This will be an ugly game and I expect Favre to be a generous opponent.

MY PICK: Patriots (by double digits)




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