Coaches That Need To Be Fired

10 11 2008

By Tom Peters

We are officially at the midpoint of the NFL season. Frankly, there are some coaches who should not have jobs at this moment. If I were in charge of personnel, I’d give a pink slip to the following (teams are listed in the order of divisions, starting with the AFC East after Childress):

Brad Childress — Minnesota Vikings

Yes, I’ve had a hard on for this guy since Week 3 of last season. Outside of the fact that he looks like Major Dad, this team has found every way to either lose games or makes blowouts interesting games. The offense does not play to win. They are over committed to the run, the passing is mediocre at best and they can’t stop the pass. The special teams is amongst the worst I’ve seen in quite a long time. You can’t have a 21-10 lead against your rivals and give up 17 unanswered points in less than a quarter. If you include the bad losses against Indianapolis and the near miss against New Orleans, it all adds up to a pink slip.

Marvin Lewis — Cincinnati Bengals

Sure, it easy to pick on a team that is 1-8, but let’s look at the whole body of work. The Bengals led the league in underachieving, trash talk without any substance and arrests. No wonder this team wear orange. The defensive genius has no defense nor control over his players.  This team has been a talented offense that has only made the playoffs once. Sometimes I think Chad Johnson is more focused on his dances and soundbyte than actually getting the opportunity to dance in the end zone. Chris Henry feels naked without handcuffs and the situations have only become worse, like their record.  Marvin Lewis should go back and become a defensive coordinator. San Diego has an opening.

Romeo Crennel — Cleveland Browns

Any man that took this long to pull the plug on a QB that can’t complete 40% of his passes should have been fired long ago. The extension last year was a fluke. You can’t beat up on the last place teams one year and expect to fight for the Super Bowl the next with an old running back, an incompetent QB and a loudmouth at tight end who is nothing more than an embarrassment to the legacy left by his father. The Browns have been insignificant since the days of Butch Davis and Marty Schottenheimer (BRING HIM BACK!!!). Indecision and poor talent evaulation shall put you on the bread lines.

Norv Turner — San Diego Chargers

This man ruins good teams like a fat woman ruins a wet dream. 4-5 this year with only two good wins. How they are in the hunt for the division is a travesty. Shawne Merriman is good, but not to the point that a team goes from 11-5 and the AFC Runner-Up to terrible.  The offense has been inconsistent. LT can’t get on track and the passing game hasn’t forced defense to play honest. Their two biggest wins come against overrated teams and they needed miracle to hang in against KC and Oakland, two of the worst teams in the league. This team is like spilled beer, a lot of good gone to waste.

Wade Phillips — Dallas Cowboys

I must admit, it is entertaining to see the Cowboys crumble. This version of Dallas is better than the episodes at Southfork Ranch. I’m waiting to TO to implode and Jerry to go insane. The looks on his face the last few weeks have been priceless. The defense has been unable to stop anybody. The passing game has been ineffective forcing Marion Barber to go against 8 in the box in a regular basis. They have a lot of talent, but they also have a coach who is their friend and allowing them to play uninspired football. These issues go far beyond the Romo injury as this has been going on since Week 5.

Rod Marinelli — Detroit Lions

I feel bad for this guy. He’s a nice guy and is trying, but a new GM is coming to town and Rod is likely going to be forced out. It might be a blessing in disguise for him. The loss of Jacksonville might have sealed the deal.

That does it for the list. I won’t add Haslett because it’s a given that he’s not coming back and Holmgren is retiring.

But there are some other coaches on the hot seat who could make this list if they are not careful, they include:

  • Dick Jauron — Buffalo Bills
  • Eric Mangini — New York Jets (I’m looking for reasons to put his fat ass on the list)
  • Gary Kubiak — Houston Texans
  • Herman Edwards — Kansas City Chiefs
  • Tom Cable — Oakland Raiders (Al might beat me to the punch on this one)
  • Mike Singletary — San Francisco 49ers (keep your pants on)

Anyone you want to add of take off the list? Tell me who and why you think they belong or don’t belong on this list.




3 responses

10 11 2008
Michael Gill

I wouldnt mind seeing Andy Reid on this list…

10 11 2008
Tom Peters

Is there dissension in Philly? I’m guessing the World Series honeymoon period is over.

12 11 2008

As mentioned in my ramblings, I would welcome Reid to this list. It’s over. It was over after 2005, actually. Thats when this city checked out on this team (and by team I mean McNabb and Reid).

BTW: For someone who’s never won anything don’t Joe Banner and Jeffrey Lurie bother the crap out of people like they bother me? So polarizing and isolating to fans….

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