Fantasy Football Conundrums

8 11 2008

By Tom Peters

The GOP Conundrum

The GOP Conundrum

I need some help from my loyal readers out there. Many of you play fantasy football and you are very knowledgeable on my football topics. So here is my situation:

I am in a fantasy football league in which we only get points for touchdowns scored. The longer the TD, the more points you earn. The bye weeks this week are killing me and I’m having a hard time in deciding who to start. Please tell, who should I start in these situations:

QB: Eli Manning (v. Eagles) or Matt Ryan (v. Saints)

TE: Dallas Clark (v. Steelers) or Donald Lee (v. Vikings)

D/ST: Houston (v. Baltimore) or Minnesota (v. Green Bay)

Thank you for your help.


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3 responses

8 11 2008
Scrooge McRad

You should get a new FF league. That format sounds very, very lame.

8 11 2008
Tom Peters

I thought that when I first joined the league, but it really changes how you draft (especially in a keeper league) and doesn’t allow people who ride on stats compliers (Tiki Barber the last few years in his career 1,500 yard 2 TDS) to win.

But seriously, any other suggestions.

8 11 2008
Michael DeLuca

Matt Ryan, Dallas Clark, Minnesota

It is a tough week, none are great options. Ryan should have a nice week against the Saints in Georgia Dome.

Dallas Clark is simply the better of the two ends and the Steelers and Vikings give up similar fantasy production to the tight end position.

With Jared Allen being out for Minnesota, the defenses are a tough call. I’d still go with Minnesota.

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