NFL Week 10: The Duke’s Picks

7 11 2008

by Michael DeLuca

Hey, I was bound to have a stinker at some point!  Luckily, the Jets and Phins kept week 9 respectable for me and the Duke’s overall record against the spread, heading into week 10, stands at 32-27.  Lot’s of big dogs this week, let’s get to it. Once again, here come the best picks on the planet…or at least the cheapest. Home teams are in caps, Duke’s Picks are in bold.duke

PITTSBURGH STEELERS -3 Indianapolis Colts – Indy hasn’t looked so hot on the road in their last few outings, a 31-21 Monday Night loss to Tennessee and a 34-14 scorching at Green Bay.  If the Pittsburgh fans were too much for Washington, in Washington, they should really be able to provide a boost against Indy in the Steel City.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS -15.5 Kansas City Chiefs – If you’re 3-5, you don’t get to give fifteen and a half points.  I don’t care where the game is played (Whale’s Vagina) or who it’s being played against.

Carolina Panthers -9.5 OAKLAND RAIDERS – Yup, here’s where I start getting silly.  They just got shut out, waived one of their best defenders, and Carolina is coming off a bye.  In addition, they gave the Duke’s Picks a swift kick in the nuts last week.  So, what do I like about Oakland?  Well, nothing.  But Carolina has just one road victory this season and it came in week 1.  And even that one was a big fourth quarter comeback.  I’m still not sold on the Panthers and nine and a half just sounds too high.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -4 Buffalo Bills – It’s just one of those games that should be the obligatory three points.  When they give you an extra point, you’ve got to take the dog. 

MIAMI DOLPHINS -9 Seattle Seahawks – OK, here’s where I get off the ride.  I’ve been on the Phins’ bandwagon all season long and it’s worked out well, but nine points?  Too much.

ATLANTA FALCONS -1 New Orleans Saints – I’ll bite.  A shutout last week, a 5-3 record, an emerging superstar at WR, and honors already being discussed for the rookie qb and first year head coach.  The Saints are coming off a bye and it seems like the perfect time for a Falcon’s let down, but I’m still going to go with the momentum and what should be an amped Atlanta crowd in the Georgia dome.  The Saints are now on their third kicker this season and, in what should be a close one, my money’s on Elam.

Jacksonville Jaguars -6.5 DETROIT LIONS – The Jags aren’t good.  I’ve told you this all season long.  Are the Lions worse…well yeah.  But probably not 6.5 points at home worse.




4 responses

8 11 2008
Tom Peters

I’m inclined to agree with you on most your picks, but I think Carolina will cover. You are giving the Raiders way too much credit. How are they going to move the ball enough to stay within striking distance of Carolina.

8 11 2008
Michael DeLuca


I’m in a pool where I have to pick seven games a week and give them each a weight. I did give Oakland the lowest.

I actually posted my picks a little earlier than usual, hoping I could get your thoughts before I had to submit the picks. You’ve been pretty good at picking out my stinkers, so I figured I’d give the ones you didn’t like the lowest weight.

8 11 2008
Tom Peters

That is the one I would give the lowest weight. I’m not sure what I’d do on the Buffalo one. I don’t like Buffalo on the road against a division team, but I don’t know if the Pats can put up touchdowns. The Bills secondary is banged up and their lines (both offensive and defensive) were bitchslapped by the Jets last week.

I’d make that the second lowest weight, but I’m inclined to go with the Pats on that one. I wish the line were a little lower.

8 11 2008
Michael DeLuca

Yeah, the four points is what grabbed me. I can see it being a nailbiting field goal game.

Pittsburgh got my highest weight, followed by Kansas City.

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