Brad Penny Could Be Option for Phils

6 11 2008

by John Ryan

In all the unique ways some GM’s look for good pitching, one of the time old ways is to take a one time talent who got hurt, give him a low end incentive laden contract (see Benson, Kris) and hope they work out (see Carpenter, Cris). In the Phillies (and every other teams) unending quest for pitching, Brad Penny could be a guy they take a serious look into. Penny, who was just given a 2 million dollar buy out from the Dodgers rather than pay his 9.25 million dollar option, is now free to sign with any team and could come at a great price. In addition, Penny has dominated the Phillies in the past. The former two time all-star owns a career ERA of 4.06 with a 94-75 record. And consider this stat in relation to how he’d fare at Citizens Bank Park: his career high in HR’s allowed is just 21 back in 2003. In no other season did he even give up more than 19.

While Penny doesn’t present the Phillies with a clear cut #1 starter (they already have some guy named Hamels anyway) he does provide the Phillies with a solid major league track record that would be able to pitch in their park. While he has battled injuires over his career, we would be talking about rolling the dice with a lower paid guy. If the Phils sign him for say one year at 5-7 million with incentives they could see a generous return on a modest investment.




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