Phillies Say Goodbye to Two Players

31 10 2008

By Mike Gill

The Phillies had a party then handed out the pink slips.  Right after the parade was finished, Phillies former general manager Pat Gillick made his final move by releasing outfielder So Taguchi and pitcher Tom Gordon.

Gordon should be thanked as he is shown the door.  He was brought in to replace Billy Wagner, but injuries casued him to be ineffective at times and he is the main reason why Brad Lidge is here today.  He did have some good moments.  He was steller during the first half of his first season.  But he broke down and the Phillies could not fill his shoes.  Last season once Gordon went down, the Phillies turned to Brett Myers to close games.  This year they went and got Lidge and moved Myers back into the rotation, leaving Gordon as the set-up man.  But injuries again ended his season and now he is no longer a Phillie.

As for Taguchi, he has to be labled as a dissapointment.  He was a key bench player for the Cardinals and the Phillies looked like they made a huge pick-up when the brought him in to be a fourth outfielder.  However, it seemed everytime Charlie Manuel called on Taguci he failed and he fell so far out of favor, that some thought he would be left of the post-season roster. 

Taguchi made $1.05 million this season. He had a $1.25 million option. Instead, he will receive a $150,000 buyout. Gordon made $5.5 million this season. He had a $4.5 million club option. Instead, he will receive a $1 million buyout.




One response

1 11 2008

Gordie was a pretty good set-up man down the stretch last year, and pretty good as a closer his first year. Beyond that, not much. But he sure wasn’t as bad as :

1.) Mike Jackson 2.) Heathcliff Slocumb 3.) Todd Worrell

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