Phillies set their World Series Rotation

19 10 2008

Jamie Moyer will start game 3 at Citizens Bank Park

Jamie Moyer will start game 3 at Citizens Bank Park

By Mike Gill

Jamie Moyer might have not pitched well during his two playoff starts, but he will continue to follow Brett Myers during the World Series.

The Phillies set their playoff rotation and it will look as follows:

Game 1 – Cole Hamels
Game 2 – Brett Myers
Game 3 – Jamie Moyer
Game 4 – Joe Blanton
Game 5 – Cole Hamels
Game 6 – Brett Myers
Game 7 – Jamie  Moyer

This means that Brett Myers will be pitching on the road, a place that has not been kind to him this season.  Thus far he is 3-8, with an ERA of 6.21 in 16 games.  In contrast at home Myers is 7-5, with a 3.01 in 14 games started. 

It also means that Moyer will start twice in the series and is scheduled to pitch in game seven should the series get that far after getting lit-up in two playoff games.

More news from the Phils…

Ryan Howard will not be the DH in this series, he will continue to play first base.  Some options as the DH include Pat Burrell or Greg Dobbs. 

One concern I have is that the Phillies don’t really have a right-handed bat on the bench.  Their best three DH options are all left-handed hitter; Dobbs, Matt Stiars and Geoff Jenkins.  

One positive to ponder :  Both Boston and Tampa only have one left-handed starter.  So using a left-handed bat as the DH will be a benifit for at least three games.




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