Westbrook has Broken Ribs

7 10 2008

Is Reid wearing out his welcome?

Is Reid wearing out his welcome?

By Mike Gill

Andy Reid announced Monday at his day after press conference, that Brian Westbrook fractured two ribs in Sunday’s 23-17 loss to the Washington Redskins. Reid did not indicate how long Westbrook will be on the shelf.

Talk about a team in trouble. 

The Eagles now stand at 2-and-3, and are two-and-a-half games behind the pack in the NFC East.  Losing your best weapon when your season is slipping has the town in a panic and now has the city asking for Andy Reid’s head.  This goes back to the draft, where the Eagles had a chance to draft Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones.  If Westbrook misses time, wouldn’t Jones be a great replacement? 

Instead the Birds decided on DT Trevor Laws, who may or may not be a integral part of this years team and future teams, but both Donovan McNabb and Westbrook asked for play-makers this off season.  The Eagles responded by trading their first round selection and drafting a defensive tackle – hardly offensive fire-power.

This is a team that is so stubborn that their best wide-out, DeSean Jackson had one pass called for him on Sunday because he ran the wrong route in a game on Sunday night.  Do we take away Reid’s responsibilities after he makes a mistake?  Of course not (though we’d like to).

This season opened with a ton of promise and looked like it was going to be a wild, exciting ride, now this Eagles team has Philly fans thinking canning big red in favor of Phillies red.




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