JR’s Week 5 Suicide Pool Picks

2 10 2008

17 People left, and here’s a list of who everyone has taken, as well.

Gill – Dallas (SD, Buff, NE, GB)

Jeff Harbaugh – Detroit (Atl, Phi, NYG, Buff)

Jared Smith – Dallas (NYG, Jax, NE, ARZ)

Fred Pugh – Dallas (Buff, NE, NYG, SD)

JR – Dallas (SEA, SD, NE, NYG)

JP Ryan – Dallas (Buff, SD, NE, NYG)

Greg Littman – GB (Buff, SD, NYG, PHL)

Carol R. – CAR (NYG, SD, PHL, TB)

Jamie Y. – Den (Sea, ARZ, Buff, NO)

Jimmy Kline – Dallas (NYG, SD, NE, Pitt)

Chachi – CAR (SEA, Pitt, ARZ, SD)

Brian Lynn – Dallas (Buff, Jax, Phi, NYG)

Sweeps – Dal (Buff, Phi, NYG, NO)

Mellons – Dallas (Buff, SD, NE, ARZ)

Eddie – Dallas (SEA, NE, Pitt, SD)

Brad Lubin – Dallas (NYG, NE, Pitt, BUFF)

Moose – CAR (Buff, Phi, NYG, NYJ)

Mike Frankel – Dallas (SEA, SD, NE, NYG)




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