Breaking News: Raiders Finally Fire Kiffin

30 09 2008


by John Ryan

After weeks, then days, then hours, the Raiders finally fired Lane Kiffin Tuesday morning, ending the teams relationship with the youngest head coach in NFL history at the time of his hiring.

Kiffin will finish with a 5-15 record despite his team being very competitive. The off-season was a time of great drama in Raider nation, as Al Davis reportedly sent Kiffin a resignation letter to sign amidst his belief that Kiffin privately lobbied for the University of Arkansas job and another losing record. Davis then opened the check book with questionable contracts for Javon Walker and Deangelo Hall, both of which Kiffin questioned publicly. Give Kiffin credit, the Raiders played with a lot more intensity than in recent years, and should have been given the respect of letting their coach see them through to the end of the year. rarely do mid-season moves work in the NFL, as the aggregate winning percentage stands below 30% for coaches who take over mid-season. No replacement has been announced, but it is believed Tom Cable, their offensive line coach, is the runner up along with Paul Hackett (special adviser) and Greg Knapp (offensive coordinator).




4 responses

30 09 2008
Michael DeLuca

Don’t forget Davis rewarding Tommy Kelly with the highest contract ever for a defensive tackle (Tommie Harris’ contract has since trumped it).

The most interesting part is that Davis has told Kiffin not to expect to be paid the remainder of his contract. Undoubtedly, among other things, Davis will point to the 76 yard field goal attempt as Kiffin attempting to push the envelope and get himself fired.

30 09 2008

I would say that Kiffin has a legitimate lawsuit. You can’t sign a contract in the NFL as a head coach and not be paid for it. That’s why Kiffin didn’t resign when Davis pushed him too.

30 09 2008

Kiffin didnt get fired b/c he tried a 76-Yard field goal, he got fired b/c Al Davis is an IDIOT.

1 10 2008

Ask Mike Shannahan if Al Davis’s word is any good. Davis still owes him money for the one year he was the Raiders head coach. It never changes. Davis is insane. What coach worth a damn would want to coach for him?

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