Week 4: NFL Ramblings

29 09 2008

by Michael DeLuca

Talk about parity!  Two major upsets, even more see-saw battles, and lot’s of late game meltdowns.  Here’s your rambling rundown of week four in the NFL…

NY Jets (56) over Arizona Cardinals (35) – The New York Jets might want to make a permanant switch to their throwback New York Titans AFL jerseys. Six touchdowns for Brett Favre.  Wow!  And it wasn’t against a cracker jack defense, Arizona can bring it.  My guess is Ken Whisenhunt’s brilliant idea to stay on the road won’t be employed EVER again.  Kurt Warner lost his longtime battle with fubmlitis, coughing up the pigskin four times, three of which were recovered by the Jets.  He also threw three interceptions, one of which was returned for paydirt by Darrelle Revis.  Anquan Boldin was carted off the field after suffereing a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit in garbage time. Boldin was immobile and, initially, onlookers couldn’t help but fear the worst. Luckily, Boldin did not suffer a neck injury and should regain his senses sometime before the New Year.

Tennessee Titans (30) over Minnesota Vikings (17) – Just me or was Gus Frerotte focusing more on trying to sell late hits than trying to lead his team to victory?  For the first time in team history, the Titans are 4-0! The defense is the best in the league and proved it once again by forcing three fumbles, registering four sacks, and intercepting a pass in the closing minutes of the game to seal the victory. All three Titans touchdowns were the result of Vikings’ turnovers.

Kansas City Chiefs (33) over Denver Broncos (19) – Kansas City has always been a tough place to play but lately the Chiefs have been so bad that not even their home field advantage could get them over the hump.  Finally, some order has been restored as the Chiefs scored their first victory since week 7 of the 2007 season.    Damon Huard went 21 of 28 for 160 yards, 1 touchdown, and no interceptions.  He’s obviously the best quarterback on the roster, the carousel should stop here.

New Orleans Saints (31) over San Francisco 49ers (17) – Drew Brees continues to prove to be one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks while Mike Martz continues to prove to be the most bullheaded nitwit in league history.  Despite averaging six yards per carry, Frank Gore received only 16 rushing attempts and was not utilized in the red zone, where instead J.T. O’Sullivan threw two perfect strikes in the end zone…to opposing defenders.  In addition, Martz continues to utilize a no back set at times, which has yet to result in anything but a sack.

Carolina Panthers (24) over Atlanta Falcons (9) – Muhsin Muhammad exploited double coverage on Steve Smith by racking up 8 receptions for 147 yards and a touchdown.  Atlanta needs to get Jerious Norwood more involved in the offense, he’s averaging 7.0 yards per carry this year.

Cleveland Browns (20) over Cincinnati Bengals (12) – Both teams suck and neither deserves a full paragraph.  Despite the win, Cleveland should make the switch to Brady Quinn.  138 yards passing, 1 td, 1 int against the lowly Bengals defense just doesn’t cut it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30) over Green Bay Packers (21) – Tampa Bay continues to blah teams to death.  Greg Jennings has become a top 5 receiver.

Jacksonville Jaguars (30) over Houston Texans (27) – Where would the Texans be without rookie running back Steve Slaton.  Oh yeah, I guess they’d still be the same 0-3.  Andre Johnson has been invisible thus far this season.

Buffalo Bills (31) over St. Louis Rams (14) – While it may look to have been a blowout by the score, the fact of the matter is St. Louis would probably have won this game if Trent Green hadn’t thrown a touchdown pass to Jabari Greer (Greer’s on the other team).  Linehan was fired, which was long overdue.  Unfortunately, he’s being replaced by the worst coach in NFL history. 

San Diego Chargers (28) over Oakland Raiders (18) – Some late game miscues by JaMarcus Russell cost the Raiders this game.  Sebastian Janikowski attempted to kick a 76 yard field goal.  Nope, not a typo.

Washington Redskins (26) over Dallas Cowboys (24) – It can now be argued that the four best teams in the NFL are ALL in the NFC East.  Santana Moss continues to party like it’s 2005.  Jason Campbell is the only starting quarterback to have yet to throw an interception.

Chicago Bears (24) over Philadelphia Eagles (20) – Andy Reid continues to prove he’s got no idea how to win close games.  The defense did it’s job.  Sure, Matt Schoebel missed his blocking assignment on the play…but he shouldn’t have made the roster out of training camp.  Blame for this one falls exclusively on the Fat Man.




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