Enough With the T.O. vs. McNabb Angle Already!

11 09 2008

by John Ryan

Ever since Terrell Owens left the Eagles and became a member of the hated Cowboys, the sexy story when the Birds played the Boys was T.O. vs. McNabb.  The recluse vs. the company man, good vs. evil, the brash vs. the humble, etc. Spin it anyway you want, and word it however, but the bottom line is it was a great story…..while it lasted. 

We are now 3 seasons removed since Owens left and all the national media ever wants to talk about is that feud.  That star-crossed relationship.  How it started, who was better, who was right, who has played better. 

Today, Owens had a conference call with local reporters and on the call said, “McNabb made me a better receiver, but he would be hard pressed to admit that I made him a better quarterback, as well.”  Well, T.O., let me clear this up for you and all the millions of others STILL interested in this beaten down story:  Who cares what he’d admit.  Fact is, since the trade, the Eagles have won a playoff game (with Jeff Garcia, no less) and the Cowboys have won zero.  The Cowboys have had more regular season success, while the Eagles have gone through a transitional phase of rebuilding while also re-loading.  Now this year, both teams seem primed to battle for a wide-open division.  They square off Monday night amid mega fan-fare, hype, glam, and a promotional machine as big as all 15 ESPN networks.  Point is, 3 seasons later is this the only storyline we can come up with in order to jazz up the Eagles-Cowboys game?  I doubt it.  How about the amazing expectations bestowed upon the Cowboys?  How about their lack of receivers (besides T.O. of course)?  How about their whipping of the Browns in week 1, a 10-6 team last year? 

From the Eagles standpoint how about a story about how he looked great in week 1 vs. the Rams?  Or their equal lack of receivers but the strong play of the back-ups?  There is a ton of material leading up to the big match-up of the week, yet we continually are enthralled with a three-year-old stale soap opera.  Hey, maybe the game will be enjoyable!




2 responses

11 09 2008
Michael Gill

I agree, the T.O. talk is old and tired, but the fact of the matter is, most Eagles fans would take T.O. back today if they could.

12 09 2008

Cant argue that. I’d take him back if it meant a Title. I just want a Super Bowl, and I dont care who delivers it.

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