Oakland A’s Future is Bleak Mr. Beane

9 09 2008

by Ethan Greenberg

So ever since the all star break, the star studded Oakland A’s have more losses than the 1962 Mets had their entire season [sarcasm alert] and yet not many people talk about this team headed down the tubes. [William Lamar] Billy Beane has worked hard to fill his team with as many young prospects as possible, by trading Harden, Blanton, Gaudin. And Duscherer, Street, Chavez, Cust and Ellis and anyone else on that team could be gone sooner rather than later. Beane has not been able to fill the seats in Oakland.

For a team that has a stadium across the ocean from the Giants park, which is beautiful and sells 30,000 tickets per night without Bonds playing for them, this doesn’t bode well for the franchise. Oakland plays in a stadium where football is #1, just like the Marlins, Blue Jays, and Twins- all ugly baseball stadiums. If you go back 10 years ago, you had a lot more of those ugly cookie cutter stadiums still all over the place- so we gotta be thankful that team owners have the guts to step up and get new parks in these cities that would love  the game of baseball just a little bit more if it were played in a beautiful new park.

When you look at where the A’s are, there’s too many no name players, too many players who have uncertain futures in the majors. Does Beane need to go? What has to happen to give this franchise a chance to get back on the winning side of things? It doesn’t look like there’s many other good options out there- maybe Pelekoudas, Towers, Depodesta, Sabean, Gillick- any good options out there? Beane certainly deserves a lot of credit for getting tons of production and lots of winning seasons out of a franchise with a low payroll that was built from the bottom up, but it doesn’t seem to be the equation for a team that can go all the way.

Their peak was when they had Mulder, Zito and Hudson, the hottest threesome since Manny, Moe and Jack, or Larry, Moe, and Curly! Gio Gonzalez? Sean Gallagher? Dallas Braden? No freakin way! In the words of Jerry Seinfeld- who ARE these people?? It takes a lot of guts to load your team with nothing but prospects Mr. Beane, but you’re not exactly giving your team much of a chance of getting a player to appear on the cover of a Wheaties box any time soon.

Don’t get me wrong, Justin Duscherer is an excellent pitcher this year, and his becoming an all star did do a lot for his popularity status and household name status, but he may just end up being a one year wonder, like Esteban Loaiza or Pat Hentgen or Bartolo Colon or Richard Hidalgo or Roger Cedeno? Eek what happened to those guys?

So Mr. Beane, for the sake of the city of Oakland, think about your opening day roster for next year, and think about what trades and pickups need to be made in order to get maybe 2 or 3 big name players on that roster. What are the chances that the typical Oakland Raiders fan knows that the A’s even still play in the Oakland Colliseum or Macafee field or whatever its called? Not very good.

It’s obvious that you have at least a little bit of money to fool around with, so go out there and put Oakland back on the baseball map, and don’t let your team fall to Pirates or Royals status [the lowest of the low]. Are you a friend of Brian Cashman Mr. Beane? I mean that guy can hook you up with a couple mil or so pretty quick dude! Anyway, good luck with the rest of your run as GM. After all, your reputation as having an incredible idea [Moneyball] is on the line. That was an excellent book, a good read- let’s see what Moneyball can actually produce in the coming years Mr. Beane, we’ll be patient.




5 responses

9 09 2008
Dan S.

I’d take a shot with Beane in Philly. At least he would take a chance.

9 09 2008

Ethan, what is with the excessive Mr. Beane’s? I completly agree with you that there may be a bleak future if they dont get funding for a stadium (but dont all owners always get funding evantually if the commish wants them around?)That being said, thats no fault of Billy Beane. He has a ton of talent in Oakland, but none is really major league ready. Would you rather have major league ready crap-ola like some teams get or minor league talent on the come with POTENTIAL. In trades like they made, potential is key, not whether they’re already in the majors. 4-A players are not helpful.

@ Dan S. – I would take a chance on Beane too. Not all that big a chance with his track record. Now that Ruben “double speak” Amaro, theres a chance….

10 09 2008

billy beane is probably staying in oakland for a while just because of his great GM ability.
the excessive mr. beane’s- it was just random – i was bored at work and thought of those mr. beane movies with rowan atkinson- great stuff.

10 09 2008


Believe Beane is also a part owner for the A’s now. I am almost 100% that he has an extremely small stake in the team. So yes, he will be around.

12 09 2008

I thought those Mr. Beane movies were horrible.

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