Skip Bayless Picks Who for the Super Bowl…

4 09 2008

By Mike Gill

Is Skip onto something?

Is Skip onto something?

As I am sitting here getting ready for the Thursday Night Kick-off game between two NFC East rivals, the Giants and the Redskins, I have ESPN2’s First Take on in the background. 

Rarely do I listen to anything that this show has to offer, but for some reason today I happened to be watching when I heard this from Skip Bayless: 

“The New England Patriots will again lose to a NFC East Wild Card team, but this time it won’t be the New York Giants.  It will be Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles.”

While I am not a fan of Skip at all and think he is really just a phony, blow-bag, I am starting to think the Eagles have what it takes to make a run to the big game.  There is of course the big “if” – Donovan McNabb. 

I have followed McNabb since his days at Syracuse and can’t understand why the city of Philadelphia still hasn’t fully embraced this guy.  If he can remain healthy this season, the Eagles can win the Super Bowl.  I am not saying they will, but some writers and football people are counting them out before the opening kick-off.

Bayless is an idiot, but he may just be onto something here.




4 responses

4 09 2008
Kevin Collins

This really worries me, because Skip Bayless is a complete jackass.

4 09 2008
Frank The Tank

As a Philadelphian and an Eagles Fan I’m a HOMER, but even I fell off the couch when Skip picked the eagles to win it all. For me it would be a dream ending to what has been a nightmare of close games. I cried when we lost by 3 in the Sup. It was a long silent drive home form Jacksonville. Last year I went to NE and again watched the game slip away in the 4th quarter. So I was elated by the pre-season win. I said a silent prayer that Brady won’t come back soon. So here’s to us dreamers and Skip pass me whatever your smoking.

4 09 2008
Joe the Dog Lover

I am not a fan of Skip either though he does think a little bit more logical then some of the other media types.

5 09 2008
yo sup dog

nobody likes skip bayliss except maybe his family. but i’m sure if you interviewed his wife, she wouldn’t have nice things to say

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