The Top 10 Reasons why the Phillies Lose

3 09 2008

A very frequent reason why the Phils lose is a guy like Adam Eaton.

A very frequent reason why the Phils lose is a guy like Adam Eaton.

By Mike Gill

These are top 10 things you’ll see when watching the Phillies lose games.  Feel free to add anymore.

1. Play Carlos Ruiz

2. Use Ryan Madson in their 8th inning

3. Use Brad Lidge for no reason in a 4-0 game, then need him the next day and he isn’t available.

4. Use Chad Durbin for 2 innings when he is clearly worn out.

5. Remove Pat Burrell for a runner in the 7th inning.

6. Then use So Taguchi as the runner for Burrell and have him come to the plate in the 9th inning when the team is down a run.

7. Let Kyle Kendrick or Adam Eaton pitch.

8. Call Eaton back up after going 0-5 with an ERA over 7.00 in the minors.

9. Let Charlie Manuel make-up the line-up

10. Never bunt – once all season.




6 responses

3 09 2008

While I agree they shouldn’t have used Lidge when up 4-0 yesterday, Lidge wouldn’t have helped tonight. Carlos Carrasco could have though!

3 09 2008
Michael DeLuca

Rollins tried to bunt once earlier this year. I was thrilled. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful…so they’ll probably never try it again! :-)

I know you were exaggerating, but you’re absolutely right. There’s no small ball from this team. Just wait around for the three run homer.

As far as Burrell goes, I haven’t seen him miss a play in the outfield all year yet. But there sure as hell has been more than a game or two when his bat was missing in the later innings when we needed a run.

3 09 2008
Michael Gill

10b. Start Eric Bruntlett in RF, he STINKS.

4 09 2008
Kevin Collins

Mike, you can’t forget Uncle Charlie’s Clay Condrey fetish in tie games, either. Or the fact that Gillick is trigger shy on pulling off a move that will help this club NOW.

And it’s really a shame Durbin’s blown out. He was really good for them this year.

4 09 2008
yo sup dog

I would add: playing pat burrell when they should play werth or taguchi or jenkins. burrell will never be a consistent, reliable hitter- he was at miami and AAA but not anymore. also when you see the phillies scoreboard watching instead of watching their own game, its kinda bad.

17 09 2008

hi my name is adam eaton, i make loads of money for doing absolutely nothing, yay me! all i have to do is sit on my lazy ass all year- yea it sucks i wont be on the phils playoff roster but who cares, lots of money i dont deserve goes to me, YAY dogggg

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