Barack Obama Blasts Cubs Fans!

3 09 2008

by Michael DeLuca

While Eric Cartman preaches “Westside,” apparently Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is all about the Southside.  When asked by Stuart Scott about the possibility of a cross-town World Series between the Cubs and White Sox, Obama replied…”I would be going.”  And when asked who he’d be rooting for, Obama replied “Oh, that’s easy, White Sox.”  He then went on to say “I’m not one of these fair weather fans.  You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there. People aren’t watching the game. It’s not serious. White Sox, that’s baseball. Southside.”

Hey Barack, way to alienate 3/4 of the state of Illinois!  But, from my own personal experience having visited both parks, I’d have to say I might have to agree with Obama.  Several years ago, we happened to go to Wrigley when the Cubs played the Phillies and we happened to go with…TWENTY SEVEN PHILLIES FANS!  Despite our obnoxious and incessant support for the opposing team, not many fans seemed “serious” enough to care.  Wrigley seemed like more of an elaborate social gala than competitive sporting event.  Then again, at this point the club was already out of postseason contention.  Perhaps things would be different nowadays.




4 responses

3 09 2008

My brother went to a Bears-Eagles playoff tilt and the Bears fans were CONGRATULATING an Eagles victory. I think it’s the nature of the fans in the mid-west. Nice and understanding, not obnoxious and overbearing. (Not that they are better than Eagles fans because of this. They are NOT).

3 09 2008
Dan S.

If I could be a fan of any team other then the Philly teams, I would be a Cubs fan, Wrigley Field Rules

4 09 2008
yo sup dog

i love obama’s comments- cubs fans are lazy, lachadaisical pricks and white sox fans are passionate and cool and come to the games even though the ballpark is disgusting

4 10 2008
Michael DeLuca

Disgusting? I loved the White Sox new ballpark! The bullpen bar may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at a stadium.

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