Writing Checks His Rear End Can’t Cash

28 08 2008

by John Ryan

There once was a boy who’s father drove a cab in New York City just to support his family.  The boy was Pedro.  Pedro Alvarez;  gifted baseball player and former millionaire.  Former because his agent, Scott Boras, decided six million dollars wasn’t good enough.  Alvarez, who agreed to his contract at the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute with Pittsburgh’s brass, reneged when Boras convinced the player that six million wasn’t enough.  Why wasn’t it enough? It wasn’t enough because someone in the draft got 6.3 million, and so is life as a Boras client. 

Just ask Matt Harrington.  Harrington, who wasn’t originally a Boras client, turned down contract offers of 4 million (with a guaranteed major league call-up in 2002) with the Rockies in 2000, 1.2 million in 2001 with the Padres, and then 20K with the Devil Rays in 2002.  He was drafted two more times and not even get offered a contract after that let alone a signing bonus.  He currently resides on the roster of the St. Paul Saints, former home of J.D. Drew, another Boras pawn.  He does own a major league record, though: most times ever drafted in the amateur draft. Matt White is another Boras all-star.  Only difference is, White found a loop-hole in the amateur draft process and collected 10.2 million to be a stiff.  Travis Lee found similar fortunes and zero success.  Throughout the years, Boras has managed (or mis-managed) the careers of hundreds and gotten many of them rich beyond their worth or their market value.  He is a pioneer for the players association, but a pest for the owners.  The case of Pedro Alvarez proves without reasonable doubt, though, that Boras is not looking out for his players well being or best interest.  It proves that Boras is just looking to stroke his inflated ego.

Photo ganked from si.com




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