An Invitation I Won’t Extend

28 08 2008

by  John Ryan

With yesterday’s news of Jay Mariotti’s (of ESPN’s Around the Horn fame) departure from The Chicago Sun-Times, news quickly spread about his future plans.  Firstly, he will still be a regular contributor to “Around the Horn,” (doesn’t it seem like the artist formerly known as STAT Boy on PTI always lets him win anyway?) and secondly, he will now enter the world of internet news because he considers the world of print media to be dinosaur-like.  Funny, didn’t he practice a dinosaur-like culture for the past 17 years that catapulted his uselessness onto ESPN for regular contributions? For a man who has burned more bridges in Chicago than any arsonist could ever attempt to do in one lifetime, he sure is being less than humble on his way out. 

His new foray will be as a “blogger.”  Well, Jay, as an esteemed writer for this site I’d like to be the first one here to say you’re not invited and you should consider new career options.  In defense of myself, who’s credentials in the world of media whether it be in print or in cyber-space don’t quite live up to Mariotti’s, at least this isn’t my primary job (or source of income for that matter.) If I had the professional credentials that you did (translation: the ability to go to any major sporting event in my home town to COVER a team) I would be there at least once a week to get quotes, get the pulse of the team, talk with key players, challenge athletes with tough questions, etc. I probably would do it today if I had locker room/press room access.  Looks like you beat Ozzie to the firing line, Jay.  Here’s wishing you good luck in any non-sports related field you may enter, and a word of advice if you get back into sports: Hiding behind words is as old as dinosaurs even if it’s in a new cyber-world.




4 responses

28 08 2008
John Ryan

Great Pic of Mariotti. GREAT PIC. He always gets laid on the first date. ALWAYS.

28 08 2008

Dont know about you John, but I still love to have that newspaper in my hands while ripping out a duece!

30 08 2008

What is that, Jay Mariotti’s freshmen yearbook picture?

31 08 2008
Michael DeLuca

I think it’s his photo. :-)

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