Raiders: Kiffin Gone Shopping

27 08 2008

by Michael DeLuca

The Oakland Raiders are in the market for a backup fullback to starter Jusin Griffith.  The Raiders run often and coach Lane Kiffin had this to say, “I don’t know how this system could operate without another fullback.  I would hope by our next practice we would have a second fullback.”  Oakland toyed with the idea of moving Michael Bush to the position, but opted against it.  The following players are a couple options who were recently cut loose…

Fullback/Tight End Sean McHugh– At 6’5 and 265 pounds, McHugh doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the Raider’s offense. He has good hands and is primarily known as a pass catcher but is only an adequate run blocker. At Penn State, McHugh started at fullback for both his junior and senior seasons totaling 322 yards and 6 touchdowns on 82 carries as well as 297 yards and one touchdown on 44 receptions. McHugh is only 26 years of age and still has some upside.

Fullback Reagan Mauia – Weak pass catcher. 6th round pick in 2007 out of Hawaii. He started nine games in 2007 and amassed just 10 yards from scrimmage on six touches.  Mauia is a pure blocker who can drive back linebackers and open up big holes for his tailback.  He has brutal hands, but the Raiders don’t look for their fullback to haul in too many passes. 

Fullback Lousaka Polite – At 6’0 and 242 pounds Polite is a fairly weak offensive player who is fairly average in every aspect of his game but can be a contributor on special teams.

So that’s the list. Not very impressive in my opinion, though I think Mauia is worth a look.  He is probably the best available and is a good fit in a run heavy offense.  There is, of course, the potential for a trade but with less than a week until the start of the regular season I see that as a long shot. What do you think?




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