Five Eagles who will Surprise.

21 08 2008

If you thought signing Clemons was a surprise - just wait till you see him play.

If you thought signing Clemons was a surprise - just wait till you see him play.

By Mike Gill

As I am sitting here watching the women’s 20 K walk, where competitors must circle a track 50 times – an event where the main rule requires that at least one foot remain on the ground at all times.  I could not believe what I was watching and thankfully, my mind started to revert back to the Eagles. 

The fact that this is a Olympic sport surprised me so much that I came up with five Eagles players that won’t surprise me, but may surprise you and have a great 2008.

1. DeSean Jackson – He really doesn’t have a choice now, with the injury to Kevin Curtis, the Eagles will almost have to make him a bigger part of the offense.  Most NFL fans assumed he would be a instant success in the punt return game, but now he might be to oimportant to use in that role.

Projection : 48 catches, 750 yards, 5 TD

2. Chris Clemons – Eagles fans may be frustrated with him right now, but the kid had had some bad luck.  He can rush the QB and I assume Jim Johnson has a plan for him – you don’t give someone $4-million guranteed that you don’t have a plan for.  I think by week four he is the talk of the defense, you’ll hear on Monday morning, “Did you see that Clemons sack?”

Projection : 42 Tackles, 8.5 sacks, 2 FF

3. Lorenzo Booker – After his first few days at Lehigh, Eagles fans had high hopes for the smallish running back.  After two games in the preseason, we haven’t heard much about him.  I think with the Curtis injury you will see him split out more, same for Westbrook.  One thing for sure, his presence on this team will be felt in a positive way.

Projection – 337 Yards rushing, 28 catches for 420 yards, 4 TD total. 

4. Brent Celek – Something tells me he is pushing LJ for playing time.  He is 100-percent recovered from shoulder surgery and catching the ball real well.  I am not wishing injury on LJ at all, but something tells me Celek is going to make the Eagles find playing time for him.

Projection – 55 catches for 555 yards, 4 TD

5. Omar Gaither /Chris Gocong – Together, the two line backers should add much more excitement then last season.  Takeo Spikes was lost early and looked old by the end – he simply wasn’t the play-maker the Eagles had hope for.  Gocong got off to a slow start, but by week 10, he looked much more comfortable and will be a force if Johnson takes the reigns off a bit.  As for Gaither, he is solid, not spectacular, but is always around the ball, he will make plays this season.

Projection – Gocong / 4 sacks, 1 INT – Gaither / 2 sacks, 2 INT, 110 Tackles

Next up : Five Eagles who will make the Pro Bowl this season.




One response

22 08 2008

Darren Howard could surprise. I know this sentence could blow up in my face, but Howard could end up the starter opposite Trent Cole when it’s all said and done, and anything over 1 sack and 15 snaps a game garners “surprise” tagging.

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