Not a lot of WR on the open market

20 08 2008

By Mike Gill

Is Pinkston a possible replacement for the Birds ?
Is Pinkston a possible replacement for the Birds ?

The Eagles lost wide receiver Kevin Curtis for “awhile”, now the question is what’s next?

My answer – there isn’t whole lot out there.  Below is a list of the eligible veteran, free agent wide outs who could be added.

Caution : The names you are about to see might make you sick to your stomach.

Troy Brown
Eddie Drummond
Tim Dwight
Jamin Elliott
Doug Gabriel
Bryan Gilmore
Derrick Hamilton
Carlyle Holiday
Michael Lewis
Jerome Mathis
Keenan McCardell
Aaron Moorehead
Eric Moulds
Tab Perry
Peerless Price
Koren Robinson
Troy Walters
Paris Warren
Cedrick Wilson

Now that we know there is no help via free agency, let’s explore some other options.

Javon Walker – Currently with Oakland, he almost left the team a few weeks ago and had to be talked back into playing football.  The first problem with Walker is he just signed a six-year, $55 million contract, the second problem is he has been injury prone and hasn’t been productive since 2006 and really has had one one huge season, 2003 when he had 1,382 yards.

Brandon Lloyd – Llyod signed with the Bears this off season after an unproductive stay with the Redskins.  The Bears much like the Raiders aren’t going anywhere this season and neither one of these guys will be around when they are ready to compete, which should make them expendable.  I am not a big fan of Lloyd, but if he could get near his 2004 and 2005 seasons, he might be worth the gamble.

Mike Furrey – The Lions have Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson, so Furrey is clearly the third guy on the depth chart.  They also have Shaun McDonald who can fill the role as the third wide out and Brandon Middleton has been decent in camp.  He is a guy who could do a lot of the things Curtis can do, but doesn’t have his speed.

Glenn might be the best option to fill-in for Curtis.

Glenn might be the best option to fill-in for Curtis.

Terry Glenn – Glenn was just let go by the Cowboys, maybe he has something left, but I would assume he doesn’t if Jerry Jones let him go.  Jones is a sucker for a “name” player and Glenn fits that bill.

Joe Horn – Horn was released by the Falcons yesterday and stated on the Dan Patrick radio show that he would like to play for the Eagles.  Problem is they aren’t interested in him.  He has had a productive season since 2004 and has been either hurt or angry at the world for the past three seasons.

Devery Henderson – His name will be mentioned I am sure because the Saints have good depth at that position with Marques Colston, Terrence Copper, Robert Meachem and David Patten.  The Saints did just re-sign him in the off season though, so maybe they have plans for him.

Bryant Johnson – The 49ers inked the former Cardinal in the off season, he was a guy I thought the Eagles should have made a play for during free agency.  I don’t think SF would be willing to part with him, though they have three capable guys if he departs – plus he is on a one-year deal.

Chad Jackson – The Patriots can’t be happy with the former number one picks production and maybe they would be willing to move him.  I would assume they would ask for a lot though – maybe even Lito.

The Big names :

Anquan Bolidn – The Cards wide out wants a new contract, he isn’t getting it.  The Eagles would have to give up a ton at this point of the season and might not be worth giving up the Cards asking price, which could be not one, but two number one draft picks.

Roy Williams – The Lions are at least two-to-three years away and Williams was in some off season trade rumors, could he be had for a deal including Lito and a number one pick – doubtful this close to the season.

Chad Johnson – He just got hurt, they signed Chris Henry….and it still isn’t going to happen.

I think the Eagles will bring in someone to try and fill-in, but I can’t see it being a legit, starting guy like Donte Stallworth who they brought in two seasons ago.  Maybe Todd Pinkston makes a comeback, but my guess is DeSean Jackson, Greg Lewis, Jason Avant and Hank Baskett will be asked to do more, a lot more.

Who are some guys you think the Eagles should make a play for, or who on this list do you think fits in the best?




2 responses

20 08 2008
Kevin Collins

interesting, as of right now wikipedia lists koren robinson as an eagle – although the text says he is a FA probably wrong – lets hope so. here’s a screen shot…

I think Brandon Lloyd may be the best option of the non-bigname group. Although if Heckert and Reid could somehow swing some trade for Roy Williams, I would take it. I think I’d give Lito and the Eagles first round pick, not the Panthers, for him.

21 08 2008
Michael DeLuca

Cedrick Wilson and Koren Robinson are intriguing. Something’s gotta be up with Koren if he’s just sitting out there as a free agent.

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