Could Burrell Be a Met in 09?

17 08 2008

by John Ryan

When free agency officially kicks off this coming winter, the Phillies will have several priorities, and Pat Burrell could be at the top of their list.  While the Phils could use upgrades at SP, RP, and C, Pat Burrell will surely be a player they would like to lock down before he hits free agency.  If the Phillies fail to sign him, there are an endless amount of suitors who would pursue him, starting in the American League as a designated hitter.  But would an AL team be his first suitor?  The New York Mets might be first in line.  Burrell, who has clubbed 16 HR’s off the of the Mets since 2005, would be very attractive to the Mets for a variety of reasons. The first being that they will need a LF at seasons end.  And the fact that Moises Alou currently plays LF for them should answer anyone’s second concern: can he play his position effectively.  That topic has been a hot button in Philadelphia all year long, with Charlie Manuel removing Burrell late in games for a defensive replacement.  Third, he’s having a fringe all star year.  He’s batting just .263, but his OBP is .390 and he is slugging .551.  (All of these stats are courtesy of STATS INC. and are good through 8/17/2008 before games).  Not enough stats?  He also has smashed 28 HR’s, knocked in 69 RBI’s, and owns 246 career HR’s, 810 RBI’s, and a .369 OBP.  His numbers are solid every year. Burrell also attended the University of Miami, where there is a strong Latin population.  Think the Mets clubhouse would bother/effect him at all?  No word on whether Billy Wagner would.  From Burrell’s view point, he may also want to stay with an NL team because of his familiarity with the pitching. Witness the struggles of many high profile stars who switched leagues and had an adjustment period.

At 31, Burrell could still garner a 4-5 year contact from a big money market team such as the Mets.  It’s not definite, but if the Phillies go to only 3, the Mets may just give him the extra year and think about when he’s 35 later.  The Mets also have major incentive : Burrell has a reputation as a Mets killer.  When he first arrived in the bigs, he crushed the Mets (and Armando Benitez).  Would Burrell be better as a DH?  Who knows.  A lot of stars openly lobby to play the field when they no longer play there regularly.  Others flourish without the demands and pounding of having to play the field every inning.  Burrell has said he doesn’t like being removed from late inning game situations, yet it may just be because the bat is taken out of his hands. The Mets are surely not guaranteed to sign Burrell, but I would put them on a short list of “most likely destinations” should he fail to re-surface in Philadelphia.

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7 responses

17 08 2008

It could happen, there isnt a lot of big names on the FA list. I think the Phillies bring him back mainly b.c this is where he wants to play.

I would assume they give him a 3-year, $35-million deal.

17 08 2008

As a Met fan I can honestly say I want no part of Pat Burrell. He is a defensive liability, strikes out too much and to be frank, is not what I would consider to be a winning player. I agree that the Mets will have a need for a LF next year, but that can be solved in-house. Fernando Martinez is on the rise in the Mets minor league system. He will probably be a late season call up when the rosters expand and I’d like to see the Mets give him a shot to win the LF job next year.

17 08 2008
Michael DeLuca

If he’d take 3 years, $35 million, the Phils should sign on the dotted line immediately. Unfortunately, I think he’s going to be looking for something around 5 years, $70 million.

22 08 2008
Jared Eisenberg

If I were signing him I would offer him $20 and a bus pass. I want him no where near the Mets. He is inconsistent, slow and strikes out too much. You can keep him in Philly.

22 08 2008
Michael DeLuca

Good idea Jared, just trot Moises Alou out there until he’s 107.

22 08 2008

If Burrell is only worth a twenski and a bus pass how much is Moises Alou worth? A Hot-Dog sans kraut at Gray’s Papaya?

22 08 2008
Jared Eisenberg

I am not saying Alou is a better this year, but he was a better value at the beginning of the year. Alou was $7.5 million this year to Burrell’s $14.25, which is the highest on the team. At the beginning of the year, it is a no brainer to give him the money and take a chance. The Mets also knew that they couldn’t rely on him all year and unfortunately not even a good portion of the year. Given that, Alou is always hurt (I mean always) and he should possibly stay in a bubble to evade all bacteria and injuries.

Alou is 10 x’s a better hitter than Burrell and cost half as much. If you are objective at all, you will have to admit that. It is a shame that Alou couldn’t have stayed healthy in his career because he would have had a shot at the hall. He is a career .303 hitter with over 2100 hits and over 1200 RBI.

All I am saying is Burrell who is putting together a good season, is overpaid, overrated (he is having a good year this with new $ on the line) and I don’t want him on my team. My bet is that if the Phils don’t sign him, he will end up in the AL as a DH.

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