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11 08 2008

Stephen Colbert likes all 4 Philly teams' uni's

Stephen Colbert likes all 4 Philly teams' uni's!

by Kevin Collins

Uniforms? Really?  YES!  Uniforms are one of the most crucial items any and every sports team needs – whether it be professional, college, or little league.  It is the one universal aspect that practically every single team sport in the world has in common.  From swimming teams, to tennis doubles partners, to baseball and football, uniforms are universal.  Could you imagine the New York Yankees or the Detroit Red Wings running or skating out of their locker rooms in a mish-mash of clothing?  It would be chaos.  No one would know which teams were which or who the players were.

Every team needs a uniform.  Some teams really know how to pull off a sharp, aesthetically pleasing set of threads.  Others, well…not so much.  Here, I am going to put together a list of my top ten favorite current uniforms in the four major professional sports.  I have scavenged the depths of the internet, finding all 122 pro teams jerseys – most of whom had, not only home and away, but a bushel of alternate jerseys as well.  Without further ado, here are the top ten best uniforms in sports.

10.  Kansas City Royals (Home Day Alternate)

I know I am going to get some heat for this one, but the Royals made an interesting choice with this jersey.  It is not your average solid color alternate.  Kansas City went for the light blue (baby blue does not exist in sports) top with the solid white pants and blue hat.  The Royals only wear this jersey for day games, and the sun really gives the uniform a unique look.

9.  Oakland Raiders (Home)

This is a true classic, and its tough for me to hate on classics.  The simple black and silver scheme still sends a shiver up the spine of the other teams, even if the actual Oakland players do not.  In my mind, you really can’t go wrong with a black and silver combo- and when you think of silver and black, you think of the Raiders.

8. Boston Celtics (Home)

As much as I despise Boston sports, I do like these Celtics’ threads.  They have been the same forever, practically.  Why not?  Don’t fix what ain’t broke.  The design is a simple white with green trim.  No thrills.  I am always impressed with a team that can pull off green as a central color, and when you’re the Celtics, you have to have some green.  Boston should be proud of the Celtics iconic uni’s.

7. Baltimore Raves (Home Alternate)
Black on black will look good on pretty much any team.  The Jaguars have it, the Falcons tried it too, but the Ravens are the only team that has mastered it.  Maybe its just the always intimidating Ray Lewis that pops into my mind wearing it, but when a team can pull off purple trim, you know they are doing something right.

6. New York Yankees (Home/Away)
Much like the Celtics, I had a moral dilemma putting the Yankees on a list of my top ten “favorite somethings,” but I had no choice.  Talk about classics.  The Yankees uniform has basically never changed in almost a century.  It’s a classic, simple as that.  When Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, and Derek Jeter, can all be seen in the same uniform, (give or take a few incredibly minor updates) then it has to be on everybody’s list.

5. Philadelphia Phillies (Home)
The Phillies uniform is very cool, I don’t care what anyone says.  It has that throwback look to the uniforms of the team’s past, while at the same time updating the uniforms to make it have a modern feel.  The red pinstripes and blue stars are iconic.  However, my favorite aspect of the Phillies uniform, which is why it is so high on my list, is that the Phillies are the only team in all of baseball to have the players’ numbers on their sleeves – a neat touch that knocks them up a few spots.

4. Memphis Grizzlies (Home)
I have always been a stickler for a navy blue and yellow combination, and I absolutely love the navy, yellow, and light blue trims on the solid white jersey.  There aren’t many jerseys in the NBA that I think too highly of, but obliviously this is one of them.  Plus the jersey that this one replaces was just truly atrocious.

3. Cleveland Indians (Home Alternate)

“Whoa, those are awesome.”  This was my first thought when I saw the new Indians alt’s at the beginning of the year.  They are just spectacular.  It has a nice throwback feel and its great seeing them clash with the more modern looking uniforms of say the Mariners or the Rays.  This is what the Phillies were going for when they thought up these. Sadly they could not live up to the Indians’.  These are the coolest uniforms in baseball.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Home)

Way back when the Eagles revealed these uniforms and the new “midnight green,” I couldn’t stand them.  However, slowly they have grown on me.  The dark green is an awesome color and is made even better when complimented with the black and silver.  Also, the Eagle’s helmet – is the best in the NFL.

1.  Denver Broncos (Home)

This is a bold choice for number one I think – but its fine, because its my opinion, dammit.  John Elway is the reason why I started to take note of these uniforms.  I always liked Elway, and thus, always liked the Broncos.  When they changed their uniforms back in the 90s, I was awe-struck.  They were phenomenal.  I loved the actual bronco on their helmet and I thought the color scheme is just fantastic.  To me, these are the most unique uniforms in sports.

You may notice that there are no NHL uniforms on this list.  There is a reason.  The Reebok Edge uniforms suck.  Period.  They ruined all the cool and historic uniforms in hockey.  How dare they alter the Red Wings or Canadiens jerseys – especially for a stupid marketing campaign.  Shame on them!

So that‘s it.  That’s the list of my favorite uniforms.  Did I miss any?  Was I flat out wrong on some?  Let the debate begin!




8 responses

12 08 2008

Great topic!

But I think you missed a few.

(in no particular order)

LA Dodgers (home) the red numbers on the front are just cool.
I kinda like the Rays uniforms, with the Devils gone, they are sweet.
The Suns and Nuggets in HD are sick
speaking of Blue and Yellow, I kinda like the Nashville Preds

Just a few in the mix

12 08 2008
Kevin Collins

I agree with the dodgers…they just missed the cut. the red number is very cool. but the dodgers lost me a few years ago when they took the names off their shirts for a bit.

12 08 2008
Michael Gill

Names off the shirts are classic!

13 08 2008
Kevin Collins

it just did not look right. they left the numbers way too low and didn’t bother to center them. the dodgers just didn’t pull it off. plus, i hate when teams modify a uniform for a year or two, then revert back.

13 08 2008
Michael DeLuca

I hate it when teams don’t have their player names on their jerseys. I understand that for some teams it’s tradition, so I’ll let them pass. But to take your names off your jersey, just goofy.

13 08 2008

I love the Cubs. Great uni’s. And, although i hate them, the Laker’s roadies (purple and yellow) are truly amazing to watch on a court. (I liked old Broncos uni’s better.) Also agree with Dodger uniforms.

13 08 2008
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24 09 2008
Pat Ward

Even though you decided to snub the whole NHL you have to give an honorable mention to the Philadelphia Flyers, by far the best jersey/symbol in all of hockey.

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