Westbrook Gets What He Deserves

9 08 2008

Westbrook got what he deserved.

Westbrook got what he deserved.

By Michael Gill

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles stepped out of character and did the right thing – paid Brian Westbrook. 

 While I am not a fan of players holding out for more money and not honoring the contracts that they signed, in some instances, the team needs to realize when the player gives you more then your paying for.

In 2005, Brain Westbrook signed a five-year deal that would pay him $24.9 million.  In the two seasons since then, Westbrook as amassed 4,020 yards and 23 touchdowns. And while his old contract was set to expire in 2010, so is his new one, but it will pay him $13-million in guaranteed money; a big upgrade.

Imagine if you started at a job making 35,000 per year as a middle-of-the-road worker that had a ton of potential.  Now imagine two years later, you became that companies best worker but were never compensated to indicate that.  We all complain about players not honoring their contracts, but we never complain when greedy pro sports owners don’t recognize they are getting a deal. 

If you feel that you are doing a great job at your place of employment, wouldn’t you be a happier employee if your boss came to you show their appreciation instead of you having to look like the bad, unhappy guy.  Westbrook felt that the Eagles weren’t recognizing his talent and taking advantage of his production at the reduced rate. 

His resume speaks for itself, two pro bowls, a first-team all-pro, nearly 8,000 total yards and 50 touchdowns.  All those numbers and Westbrook was just the 15th-highest paid running back in the league.  This new deal makes him the sixth-highest plaid back in the league – still a bargain if you ask me, but at least he is a happy camper now.

Since he became a full-time starter in 2003, Westbrook has the second-most yards from scrimmage in the NFL (6,768), behind only San Diego’s LaDainian Tomlinson and that’s how he wanted to be paid.  However, the Eagles front office has a history of not talking about contracts with players. 

Following the 2004 Super Bowl, we all remember the Terrell Owens story, he wanted a new contract after his first season on the job.  He didn’t do it for the right reasons though.  He wanted to protect himself from being released in the future, not from out-preforming his deal.  Currently Lito Sheppard wants to either be traded or re-negotiate his deal with the birds.  Sheppard’s problem is, he can’t stay on the field and hasn’t out-performed his deal – Westbrook certainly has.

Now only if the Eagles would take the rest of their nearly $20-million they have available to spend to better this team.  Even though Westbrook is being paid more, that doesn’t automatically mean he gains more yards and scores more touchdowns – adding more pieces to the puzzle does. 

I applaud the Eagles for stepping to the plate to keep one of Philadelphia’s most liked and hard-working athletes in town, you don’t see that often in a town that loves to run out it best players because they don’t think he is a “philly guy” once he doesn’t like his contact.  Sometimes the team is to blame, sometime its the player who is at faule,  this is time the tea should have stepped up and they did, maybe just a little earlier.




One response

9 08 2008
Michael DeLuca

Couldn’t agree more. Extending the deal didn’t seem to make sense to me and he definately deserved to be rewarded for his contributions.

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