Avoid At All Costs – 2008 Fantasy Football Busts

1 08 2008

Every year there’s a number of players that frustrate fantasy owners to no end.  Here’ a list of some of the potential duds for the 2008 season…

1.  Wes Welker – Welker is certain to take a step back from his 112 receptions and 1,175 yards from the Patriot’s 2007 undefeated regular season.  After teams locked down New England’s passing attack in the postseason, the Patriots will make more of a dedicated effort to establish the running game this year.  In addition, the loss of Donte Stallworth should add extra pressure on Welker and he’ll be less likely to roam free in open space. 

2.  Julius Jones – Jones signed as a free agent with Seattle this off-season.  So did goal-line vulture TJ Duckett.  Mike Holmgrem has been raving about the off-season performance of Maurice Morris and has already hinted at a timeshare at the halfback position.

3.  Lendale White – Lendale White had a fairly productive season in 2007, rushing for 1,110 yards and 7 scores.  His yard per carry average was only 3.7 and White did seem to wear down as the season progressed.  The Titans, already loaded at the RB position, selected Chris Johnson with the #24 overall pick in the first round of this year’s draft.  There’s already talk he could be the feature back by the start of the regular season.

4.  Willie Parker – As if scoring just two touchdowns in 2007 wasn’t enough, the Steelers jettisoned Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca this off-season.  If you’re wonder what type of impact that may have on the Steelers running game, take a look at Shaun Alexander’s stats following Steve Hutchinson’s departure from Seattle.  Furthermore, Parker is coming off a broken leg and the Steelers.  Pittsburgh drafted RB Rashard Mendenhall in the first round of the draft this year and in addition to stealing a significant number of carries, Mendenhall may even get the goal line calls.

5.  Torry Holt – He’s getting old.  The offensive line stinks.  Isaac Bruce is no longer on the other side.  Sure he hasn’t had less than 81 catches and 1,100 yards since his rookie season, but Holt might not be 100 percent after having knee pain throughout most of the 2007 season and new offensive coordinator Al Saunders will certainly put more of a focus on the running game.




4 responses

2 08 2008
fantasy football guy

I’ve got Welker and Holt as keepers on my fantasy team. I think Welker will be fine, but I am worried about Holt.

2 08 2008

No Seattle back will be worth taking this year.

2 08 2008

I think Welker will be even better this season then last beacuse without Stallworth, teams are going to pay even more attention to Moss with the thinking that Welker cant beat you deep, just underneath all day. Is he a big play guy, no. However, another 100+ catch season is in the future and in a PPR league thats huge.

Holt will be fine mainly beacuse they Rams will be coming from behind alot this season and he is all they have.

Jones I think is a sleeper, he is playing on the best team in that divsion and is the guy in a league where that is rare.

Parker and White, I agree both will be iffy this season.

2 08 2008
Michael DeLuca


I agree that Holt will be helped a bit by the fact that the Rams will be coming from behind often.

I think Welker is best out of the slot positions and it seems that New England plans to use him as their #2. I don’t think he can match last year’s production. I also expect to see a lot more focus on the running game.

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