Phillies Deadline Deal…

24 07 2008

Phils Fix?

Phils Fix?

In my opinion, pitching has not been the Phils problem this year. The last two games against the Mets were both winnable, the offense just can’t get going. One of our biggest weaknesses offensively this year has been from the catcher position, where Carlos Ruiz has made an art of grounding into double plays and killing off many a potential big inning. Bengie Molina is currently sitting on a 43-58 team with no postseason aspirations. He’s batting .288 with 8 home-runs. He’s a right handed batter and if nobody’s noticed…we’re getting killed against lefties. He’s also a two time gold glover. He’s making $6 million this year and is signed through next year at another $6 million. SF would no doubt be willing to dump his salary and he could probably be had for Ruiz and a low to mid level prospect. Anybody else thinks this makes sense…




One response

25 07 2008

Molina would be an excellent addition and Ruiz would be a nice subtraction! Now if we could only get them to throw in Matt Cain…maybe for Carrasco and Golson.

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